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Category: Volume 12, Number 2
  • Topic #1: Verbs
Downloads: 7

Issues in the analysis of serial verb constructions

Author Bamgbose, Ayo
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 1.18 MB
Download 1,051
  • Topic #1: Tone

Tune and tone: Generalized zyntagmatic pitch patterns constrained by particular lexical patterns

Author Pike, Kenneth L
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 1.42 MB
Download 946
  • Language Family: Grassfields
  • Topic #1: Deictics
  • Topic #2: Verbs

Switch reference in Bantu languages

Author Wiesemann, Ursula
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 995.61 KB
Download 783
  • Language Family: Dogon/Kru
  • Topic #1: Consonants
  • Topic #2: Phonology

From semivowels to aspiration to long consonants in Ngyemboon-Bamileke

Author Anderson, Stephen C
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 1.32 MB
Download 760
  • Language Family: Other Bantoid
  • Topic #1: Morphophonemics

Elision and other morpheme boundary phenomena in the Western dialects of Obolo

Author Faraclas, N.
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 1.64 MB
Download 1,201
  • Language Family: Bantu
  • Topic #1: Adjectives

Form and function of adjectival elements in Tikar

Author Stanley, Carol
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 1.08 MB
Download 788
  • Language Family: Cross River
  • Topic #1: Aspect and Mood
  • Topic #2: Tense

Tense and aspect in Isekiri

Author Omamor, Augusta P
Date 2014-Aug-13
Language  English
File Size 4.09 MB
Download 1,001
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