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  • Language Family: None
  • Topic #1: Phonology
  • Topic #2: Vowels
  The Vowels of West African Langu The Vowels of West African Languages

Tuma kolivaai

Kamani yuumpihiyɔbu m-bɔŋɔ vihigu zaŋ jɛndi Africa Wulinluhili bala vaawulinima zaa nyɛla ŋan niŋ vɛnyɛla n-kahigi wuhi vaawulinima maa biɛhisi bala maa puuni, din wuhiri vaawuli shɛŋa ŋan be bala maa ni nti pahi sodol’ shɛŋa ŋan buɣisiri vaawulinima maa nahiŋgbana. Vihigu ŋɔ nyɛla din laɣim vaawuli shɛŋa ŋan be Africa Wulinluhili bala maa ni nahiŋgbana ka lahi tiri wuhi ashi’ shɛŋa ŋan yina vihisi ŋan niŋ n-jɛndi Africa Wulinluhili bala vaawulinima ni ŋa niŋbu ni mali kɔrisi shɛm n-zaŋ ti vaawulinima vihivihiriba. Di wuhila vihigu zaŋ jɛndi vaawulinima maa ni pili shɛm, n-wuhiri sahashɛli vihivihiriba ni daa pili zaŋdi lahibal' shɛŋa bɛ ni daa sabiri ka ŋa sɔŋdi ba bala woligibu polo, hali nti paai sahashɛli bɛ ni zaŋdi maʒina m-buɣisiri vaawulinima biɛhisi. Di tiriti wuhiri yɛlikpana mini naŋgbankpeeni ŋan yina vihisi ŋan niŋ  yuumbɔŋ din gari maa n-jɛndi vaawulinima taɣimalisi mini ŋa pubu, vaawulinima balibu ŋan be bala puuni nti pahi vihivihiriba ni zaŋ maʒina niŋ vihisi jɛndi vaawulinima bolibu shɛm. Vihigu ŋɔ bahigu, di lahi nyɛla din tiri wuhi pahigu shɛŋa vaawulinma vihibu ni mali Africa Wulinluhili bala puuni zaŋ ti zuliya yɛltɔɣa baŋsim sodoligu, ka lahi niŋ tɔɣino jɛndi Africa Wulinluhili bala vaawulinma vihigu ni yɛn niŋ shɛm sɔhibiɛɣuni.

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